Jeff Kasper

wrestling embrace
workshop, text,
soft sculpture

Two figures wearing black and white sit with legs-crossed, facing each other, hand-in-hand on exercise mats (10’x8’). Nearby are an adjustable deck of black and white playing cards with various texts on the front and knot illustrations on the back. Other materials include: assorted bells and time keepers. 


wrestling embrace is a customizable workshop framework composed of a game, interactive arts-based exercises, and soft sculpture.

Designed for navigating questions of consent, conflict, and caretaking in interpersonal relationships—the platform utilizes physical contact, guided contemplation, and embodied practices with a partner. Primary materials include a deck of playing cards (audio and SMS version forthcoming) and acompanying exercise mats.

The soft mats feature a circular design organized around two proxemic distances: personal space [1.5-4 feet] and intimate space [0-18 inches]. Each unique exercise offered on the cards, fosters quiet time for building mutual support by practicing clear communication and collaboration.

Email to learn more, join or schedule a short workshop, day long session in your classroom, or a multi-day intensive. All events operate as confidential queer/trans/crip peer-support circles outside of clinical spaces.

Jeff is able to travel locally in the Northeast United States with 1-2 month notice and nationally or throughout North America with 2-3 months coordination with partnering groups or organizations. Work with institutions is funded through grants, honorariums, travel stipends, in-kind donations, and barter. All workshop fees are sliding scale—pay what you can.

Recent workshops:
University of Massachusetts Amherst (MA) - Feb 2020
OCAD University (ON) - Fall 2019
Downtown Art (NY) - May 2019
Cooper Union (NY) - Spring 2019
Queens College (NY) - Fall 2018 & Spring 2019
Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (NY) - Summer 2018

Upcoming public workshops:
Cleveland Institute of Art (OH) - Fall 2020